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Cotton Production

  • 出版单位 Wiley & Sons Ltd
  • 出版时间 2020年
  • 编著者 毛树春、李亚兵、王占彪、李鹏程参编
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  Cotton Production《棉花生产》英文版于2020年由Wiley & Sons Ltd出版。我所毛树春、李亚兵、王占彪、李鹏程等撰写Cotton Production in China(中国棉花生产)一章。该著由Khawar Jabran(Niğde Omer Halisdemir University, Niğde, Turkey)与Bhagirath Singh Chauhan(The University of Queensland, Gatton, Queensland, Australia)主编。
  1 An Introduction to Global Production Trends and Uses,History and Evolution,and Genetic and Biotechnological
  Improvements in Cotton
  2 Morphology,Physiology and Ecology of Cotton
  3 Water Management in Cotton
  4 Nutrient Management in Cotton
  5 Insect Pest Management in Cotton
  6 Weed Management in Cotton
  7 Integrated Management of Major Fungal, Bacterial,Viral, and Nematode Diseases of Cotton
  8 Seed Production, Harvesting, and Ginning of Cotton
  9 Cotton Production in China
  10 Cotton Production in India
  11 Cotton Production in the United States of America: An Overview
  12 Cotton Production in Pakistan
  13 Cotton Production in Brazil and Other South American Countries
  14 Cotton Production in Turkey and Europe
  15 Cotton Production in Central Asia
  16 Cotton Production in Australia
  17 Cotton Production in Africa
  18 Challenges and Opportunities in Cotton Production