Mao Shuchun

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Mao Shuchun
Institute of Cotton Research(ICR)
Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences (CAAS)
Address: No 38, Huanghe Rd, Anyang, Henan , 455000, P. R. China
Phone: 0372-2562216
Fax:   0373-2562299

Education Background
Mao Shuchun, a professor of cotton cultivation science, obtained his B.S. degree in Agronomy from the Huazhong Agricultural University in 1979.


Research Area
He is a distinguished expert in cotton cultivation in China. He is the director of cotton cultivation department of Institute of Cotton Research of Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences (ICR, CAAS), the research leader of cultivation and soil function research department of national cotton industry technology system, and a special expert awarded by Ministry of Agriculture who had made remarkable contributions. He enjoys State Council Special Allowance and is a member of the consulting experts in the State Council tariffs.

His research area is simplified cultivation of cotton and information technology. He developed the sustainable production technology of cotton-wheat double cropping which not only gained cotton but also developed grain and obtained economic and social benefits. He put forward the technology of industrial seedling raising and mechanized transplanting which especially simplify planting and save resource to form the technology of cotton factory nursery and mechanized transplanting. He established China’s cotton production monitoring and early warning system, created China cotton production prospective index (CCPPI) and China cotton growth index (CCGI), which provided the predictive, proactive and timely system to warn and monitor industrial economy.


1. China Cotton Cultivation (2013, Shanghai Scientific and Technical Publisher)
2. Report on China’s Cotton Production Prosperity (2003-2013, China Agriculture Press)
He has pblished more than 40 scientific papers and won 14 software copyrights and patents including 8 national invention patents.