Study Reveals the Action Mechanism of Plastic Film Microplastics Causing Changes in Pesticide Adsorption and Degradation Processes

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As an emerging persistent pollutant, microplastics have become the focus of global attention. However, few studies have explored the effects of different types or states of plastic film microplastics in the soil environment on the environmental behavior of residual pesticide adsorption and degradation. Recently, researchers from the Institute of Cotton Research, Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences conducted a study on the influence of plastic film residues on the adsorption and degradation of pesticide residues in soil. The results provided an important theoretical basis for analyzing the interaction mechanism between residual microplastics and pesticides in the soil environment. Relevant research results were published in the Environmental Research.

As Professor Cui Jinjie introduced, three plastic film microplastics slowed down the rapid adsorption stage of pesticides in soil, delayed the time for the adsorption to reach equilibrium, and enhanced the adsorption strength of the soil system for the two pesticides. The three plastic film microplastics also affected the degradation process of the two pesticides. The new plastic film promoted the degradation of the two pesticides, while the aged plastic film and the degradable plastic film delayed the degradation of the two pesticides. Further studies found that the polarity of pesticides, surface structure and functional groups of the mulch film were potentially important reasons for the differences in pesticide adsorption and degradation in the mulch-soil system.

Dr. Wu Changcaiis the first author, and Professor Ma Yan and Professor Cui Jinjie are the co-corresponding authors.The research was funded by Central Public-interest Scientific Institution Basal Research Fund, Agricultural Science and Technology Innovation Program of Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences, and the China Agriculture Research System.