Invitation for Crop Production Mechanization Technology Training course for ASEAN countries

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In recent years, Chinese government offered great support on the technology of production mechanization of rice, among which the comprehensive level of mechanization of land tillage, planting and harvest, has successfully reached 65 percent.
In order to promote rice planting mechanization technology of ASEAN nations with higher labor productivity and lower labor intensity, Ministry of Agriculture of China decided to conduct a training operation toward ASEAN countries on rice mechanization technology, which entrust to Nanjing Institute of Agricultural Mechanization, MOA (National Agricultural Mechanization Education &Training Centery.

I. Arrangement (Time &Place)
   1. Time : June 17th to 25th, 2014 ( 9days )
   2. Place: Nanjing City, Jiangsu Province, P. R. China

II. Training content
   1. Learn about the status and experience of the development and prospects of Chinese rice planting mechanization.
   2. Study Chinese land tillage, seedling and transplanting technology, pest control and harvesting mechanization.
   3. Learn around the blending of rice planting mechanization and information technology.

III. Field training
   1. Visit agricultural machinery manufacturing enterprises in order to understand modern agricultural equipment design and manufacturing process.
   2. Visit some rice cultivation farms or cooperation in the purpose of improving rice planting management.
   3. Watch arranged operation on agricultural mechanization to ensure improving the technological level.

IV. Requirements
   1. Preferred to government agency officers in agricultural production, researchers of agricultural institutes, agricultural extension    workers, and technicians of agricultural enterprises. Each country is limited to 2 people.
   2. Each trainee need to fully prepare for a discussion around rice mechanization.
   3. With physical health and be able to communicate with fluent English skill.

V. Schedule
   1. Registration time: Please enlist before Apr.25th, and our center will confirm with you via e-mail ( or fax(+86-25-84432672). The final list will be confirmed on Apr.30th ;
   2. Training expenses: Our training center will cover the travel expenses and accommodations in China.
   3. Contacts:
        Yu Wenyi +86-2558619521
        Wang Shuo +86-2584346211
        E-mail:                             Fax:+86-25-84432672