Elite Youth Program

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Elite Youth Program is a recruitment program for outstanding young, creative academic leaders, with a focus on attracting top researchers, particularly those from overseas. Participants must be under 40 years of age, have an international perspective, and be able to face the future demands and challenges for scientific research development in China. CAAS will provide dedicated research funding, high-quality office and laboratory space, and competitive financial compensation and subsidies. The specific requirements are as follows:

Job Responsibilities

1. To bring a clear understanding of the discipline to the position, and develop basic strategies and forward-looking research projects that meet the major national and international strategic needs in agricultural development.

2. To lead a research team to produce innovative results and make notable scientific progress at an international level, and to publish peer-reviewed articles in international journals as the team leader (first author or corresponding author) or make other scientific advances recognized by national and international authorities.

3. To nurture early career scientists in the team, organize international academic exchanges, and develop fruitful scientific collaborations with relevant institutions and organizations in China and abroad.


The candidate for this full-time position should:

1. Have a passion for agricultural research, impeccable scientific ethics and style of research, and bring a spirit of integrity and cooperation.

2. Be familiar with cutting-edge developments in the field, have a solid foundation in the techniques and technologies associated with the discipline, independently oversee or directly participate in the entire research process, and be capable of being a leading researcher in the field and achieving scientifically significant outcomes.

3. Be under 40 years of age and in good health.

4. Present two letters of recommendation from experts in the field, one of which must be from outside China.

5. Have three or more consecutive years of international work experience following their doctoral degree, or have conducted work that yielded influential journal papers in high-quality publications in the field (published as first or corresponding author), or have developed inventions that have generated patents and/or key technologies. Two years of international work experience will be accepted for those willing to work in the western regions or in remote areas of China on their return.

Funding and Remuneration

1. A startup research fund of no less than 1 million Yuan (US$161,000) will be provided by the relevant CAAS-affiliated institute during the one-year probationary period.

2. After completing the one-year probation and being officially recruited, the candidate will receive an additional research grant award of 2 million Yuan (US$322,000) and equipment procurement monies of 1 million Yuan (US$161,000), funded by CAAS headquarters.
Winners of funding from the National Science Fund for Distinguished Young Scholars from NSFC will receive an additional 1 million Yuan (US$161,000) for research and an additional 2 million Yuan (US$322,000) for equipment expenses.

Recipients of funding from the national 1,000-Youth Elite Program supported by the central government will receive from CAAS an additional research grant of 1 million Yuan (US$161,000) and additional equipment procurement monies of 2 million Yuan (US$322,000).

3. A resettlement subsidy for accommodation, based on a standard 100 m2 apartment, will be paid up to a maximum of 1 million Yuan (US$161,000