Job opening at Biotechnology Research Institute of CAAS and NPC of University of Arizona, USA

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The Biotechnology Research Institute of Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences (BRI-CAAS) is a unique, public, national non-profit institution focusing on basic and applied research for agro-biotechnology in China.

The Natural Products Center (NPC) in University of Arizona set up in 1996 is engaged in research on anticancer, anti-HIV, anti-infective, and anti-inflammatory drug discovery from Sonoran desert plants and their associated microorganisms, genetic investigation of natural product biosynthesis in selected microorganisms.

The Department of Molecular Microbiology of BRI and NPC are to jointly recruit 1-2 postdoctoral who will carry out biosynthesis of secondary metabolites in Agricultural pathogenic fungi. This is an exceptional opportunity for applicants to work and research at institute of biotechnology and natural products center.

1. A PhD degree on topics of molecular microbiology or related areas.
2. Ability to master laboratory skills in terms of molecular biology, biochemistry and microbiology.
3. Ability to establish and maintain work relationships with colleagues and other groups.
4. Flexibility and adaptability
5. Effective English communication skills.
6. Having a record of academic achievements, research in the areas of molecular microbiology.

How to apply:
1. Applications for postdoctoral position should be submitted though E-mail: If you have questions or need assistance, please e-mail to:
The applications must include personal work experience, a complete list of publications, awards and other documents that could reflect the applicant’s academic achievements.
2. The interview will be arranged after primary selection process. The interview presentation is required to include personal experience, scientific achievements, and future plans for the position applied.

In compliance with related regulations in Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences (CAAS) and negotiation with individual the salary for postdoctoral fellows will be determined. There is also an opportunity for applying for long-term employment at the BRI-CAAS after completion of postdoc training.