SAU Vice Chancellor visits CRI of CAAS

From: CAAS      author: admin      Count: 次      Date: 2015/08/226

On July 12, Professor Mujeeb-u-ddin Memon, Vice Chancellor of Sindh Agriculture University visited CRI of CAAS. The two sides introduced to each other the institutional settings and research achievements respectively in the meeting. After deep discussion on strengthening undergoing cooperation, the two sides signed a agreements on “memorandum of understanding between SAU and CRI of CAAS on technical cooperation and scientific collaboration in agricultural research”. Both sides agreed that further bilateral cooperation would be imposed in the field of scientific research, staff exchange and training for both CRI and SAU based on the MoU. After the meeting, the delegation visited the State Key Laboratory of Cotton Biology, the Supervision, Inspection and Test center of cotton quality, ministry of agriculture. Then Professor Mujeeb-u-ddin Memon gave a lecture about the research of SAU to all the researchers in CRI.