The vice director of ICR, Dr. Kunbo Wang, attend an academic conference hold in Portugal

From: Science and technology management department      author: cuixuefen      Count: 次      Date: 2014/11/311

During September 6-11, Dr. Kunbo Wang attended 1st International Caparic Conference on Chromogenic and Emissive Materials(IC3EM) in Caparic, Portugal. Proteomass Scientific Society host the conference, and the subject of it was application of coloration and radioactive material in biological research. Professor J. Lius Capelo and Professor Carlos Lodeiro in the department of Chemistry of New University of Lisbon took the chair of the conference. About 230 scientists from 30 countries attended the conference, and 110 ones of them gave presentations. Professor Wang gave a report about “What we can see from the comparisons with genomic maps to FISH maps in cotton (Gossypium)”.
The conference lasted three days, and was hold in two conference halls. It provided more than 90 poster boards. The conference was hold from 8:30am to 8:30pm every day, and each tea break lasted 45 minutes to one hour. The conference was divided into several sections. Abstract collection of this conference was published: ISBN PDF VERSION: 978-989-98793-2-4,ISBN BOOK VERSION: 978-989-98793-3-1.

The conference hall


The poster area