Professor Lewis Lukens from the University of Guelph in Canada visited Cotton Research Institute

From: office      author: Ma Xiong-feng      Count: 次      Date: 2014/09/265


At the invitation of our institute, professor Lewis Lukens from Canada's university of Guelph and Doctor Zhan Shu-hua visited our cotton institute on May 8~9, 2014.

Professor Lewis Lukens and Dr. Zhan Shu-hua made the academic report for our institute scientific and technical personnel and graduate student, and also carried on the thorough exchange and discussion with our institute experts and rice and maize bioinformatics research on May 8. The topics of report are “genetic architectures of hybrid maize and rice” and “high abundance, broad expression and high co-expression of protein coding cis natural antisense transcripts in Arabidopsis”

Professor Lewis Lukens, Dr. Zhan Shu-Hua had an informal discussion with the Yangtze River group members, conducted exchanges mainly on cotton heterosis mechanism and cotton genome analysis research on May 9.

Professor Lewis Lukens mainly engaged in plant of bioinformatics, he has made great achievements in plants of bioinformatics, microarray data analysis and QTL mapping and quantitative genetics in field of research. Dr. Zhan Shu-hua mainly engaged in plant of bioinformatics research, he has published several high level article in high-throughput sequencing analysis.

Professor Lewis Lukens made a report


Doctor Zhan Shu-hua made a report




Investigated cotton material