Academician Yu Shu-xun attended the 2014 international conference on engineering science and technology

From: breeding department      author: Pang Chao-you      Count: 次      Date: 2014/09/265


Our institute academician Yu Shu-xun was invited to attend the international conference on engineering science and technology held in Beijing on June 2 ~ 3, 2014, at the same time, associate researcher Pang Chao-you accompanied with him to participate the conference.

The conference is organized jointly by the Chinese academy of engineering, the United Nations educational, scientific and cultural organization and the international academy of engineering and technology council. The theme of the conference is “engineering science and technology and the human future". More than 1500 people from more than 30 countries around the world took part in the grant conference on engineering technology. At the conference, president Xi Jin-ping, UNESCO director-general brocade Eva delivered a keynote speech, respectively. The American academy of engineering dean c. d. Mote, Jr., the Chinese academy of engineering academician Yuan Long-ping, the Nobel prize-winning Carlo Rubbia, the Chinese academy of engineering dean Zhou Ji, the Sweden innovation commissioner Charlotte Brogren, the Royal Academy of engineering dean Sir John Parker, the Nobel Prize winner John Robin Warren, etc. made the report in the conference.

Academician Yu Shu-xun also attended "Agricultural Technology and Food Security" parallel session of the international conference on engineering science and technology. Geneticist John Yu who is from "Southern plains to the United States department of agriculture research center" recommended by academician Yu Shu-xun made the academic report in the parallel session.

The conference has provided the international platform of understanding the engineering science and technology front, communicating the future trend of the development of science and technology for the international engineering.

(First left: John Yu Second left: Yu Shu-xun Third left: Pang Chao-you)